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2023 Wareham Single Family Sales


As prospective homebuyers and sellers seek to make informed decisions in the dynamic world of real estate, understanding key statistical data becomes paramount. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the intricate details of single-family home listings in Wareham, offering insights into average living area, listing prices, days on market, and more.

Market Snapshot:

In 2023, Wareham boasted a total of 243 single-family home listings, providing a diverse range of options for those in the market. This snapshot offers a closer look at the statistical averages that shaped the real estate landscape in this picturesque town.

1. **Average Living Area SqFt: 1371.59**

The size of a home is a critical consideration for many buyers. In Wareham, the average living area for single-family homes was approximately 1371.59 square feet. This statistic provides a baseline for understanding the space offered by the available listings.

2. **Average Listing Price: $459,056**

Pricing is a key factor influencing buyer decisions. The average listing price for single-family homes in Wareham was $459,056. This figure serves as a reference point for both buyers and sellers, reflecting the overall market valuation during the specified period.

3. **Average Listing Price per SqFt: $368**

Breaking down the listing price further, the average cost per square foot was $368. This metric allows potential buyers to assess the value proposition of each property in relation to its size, helping them make more informed choices.

4. **Average Days on Market (DOM): 41.95**

The average time a property spent on the market was 41.95 days. This statistic sheds light on the pace of transactions, offering insights into market competitiveness and buyer interest.

5. **Average Days to Offer (DTO): 29.55**

Another crucial metric is the average number of days it took for a property to receive an offer, standing at 29.55 days. Understanding this timeline is vital for both sellers gauging interest and buyers assessing the urgency of their decisions.

6. **Average Sale Price: $453,776**

The final negotiated sale price for single-family homes in Wareham averaged $453,776. This figure, in conjunction with the listing price, provides a perspective on negotiation dynamics in the market.

7. **Average Sale Price per SqFt: $366**

Evaluating the sale price per square foot, the average in Wareham was $366. This metric helps buyers assess the value of their investment and sellers understand the market’s perception of property worth.


Armed with this statistical overview of single-family home listings in Wareham for 2023, prospective buyers and sellers can navigate the real estate landscape with greater confidence. The averages presented offer a comprehensive understanding of the market’s nuances, empowering individuals to make informed decisions aligned with their preferences and financial goals.

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